2021’s Top Hijacking Hotspots in South Africa

Hijacking safety tips from TheftBuster

We all know that being vigilant at all times is wholly important and necessary. In South Africa, it is a life or death survival technique.

Every once in a while, we let our guard down. The sad thing is that criminals know this, and are ready to exploit even the smallest window of opportunity. What are the places you’re most likely to be at ease and less vigilant?

Thank goodness I’m finally home.

You’ve just had the longest day and traffic was a nightmare. Now you’re finally home, waiting for the gate to open. That safe feeling of finally being home and the thoughts of the day you just had can leave you very distracted. That is one of the reasons why driveways have become the top hijacking hotspot in South Africa.

Just dropping the kids off.

We want our children to go to school in the safest environment. With children, mornings can sometimes be a little hectic, leaving you very preoccupied. This is something else that criminals are very aware of.

As safe as we might assume the school to be, there is always someone willing to take even the slightest bit of chance. It’s important to always be fully aware of your surroundings.

Where did I put that wallet?

Petrol stations always give you a false sense of security. It’s a well lit open space and there are attendants. Nobody would possibly try anything. That’s an incorrect assumption.

The problem is, those attendants are only trained for their job and have no idea how to deal with hostile situations. While you’re reaching for your wallet, getting ready to pay, or checking your phone while waiting for your car to fill up, your guard is completely down. Yet another thing criminals are aware of.

A few things to note

With hijacking, there are just a few things that you need to note that could potentially save your life.

Don’t be caught by surprise.

As beautiful as that hedge or shrub might make your driveway, it’s best if it’s not there. Keeping your driveway as well lit and clear of shrubbery is very important. Do not give them a perfect hiding spot so that they can attack you. You need to see so that you can be aware of any movement and activity that might be happening.

Switch it up a bit.

Hijackings are very rarely ever random acts. They are planned weeks in advance,with a lot of surveillance. It’s always important to change your routes and your schedule, if possible, on a regular basis. This might seem like an unnecessary inconvenience but it could literally save your vehicle, or your life.

Keep it shut.

Opening your window for a little bit of fresh air is great for all of us; especially for the criminals who just want to reach in. ​​Avoid driving with your windows open and keep the doors locked. Don’t give them a reason. Keep all your valuables out of sight.

Give yourself some room.

The shock of suddenly seeing people with guns jumping out of the car in front of you can make you freeze up. When stopping behind another vehicle, leave half a vehicle’s length in front, so you can make an emergency escape if necessary.

Let them know you’re coming.

If you have someone waiting at home give them a heads up. The best way to make arriving at your destination safer is by calling ahead and asking someone to open and close your gate for you.

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