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Panic Alert is an essential service when you live in South Africa. In South Africa, vigilance is not enough. You need to have a 24-hour armed response service at your beck and call. Even if you’re pedantic about making sure that everything is locked, or out of sight, in the safe and secured.

You might be under the impression that everything is safe. But, life does not work that way. Life is not linear. You cannot plan for everything that may or may not happen.

The nature of life means there might come a time when you find yourself driving in the middle of nowhere. The unpredictability of life also means you could find yourself a victim of a trigger incident, in the middle of nowhere, on your way to an urgent matter.

What is a trigger incident?

There are four main types of trigger incidents for which Panic Alert covers you. In the South African context, these are the crimes with the highest statistics, year-on-year.

  • Armed robbery

Crime in South Africa seems to be a stain we cannot get rid of. With an economy on a dangerous downward spiral, poverty and desperation has made criminals more dangerous. The South African Police Service’s latest crime statistics showed a 7.4 increase on contact crimes during the second quarter of 2021/2022.

  • Assault

It might be a person who is close to you, or a complete stranger on the street. Assault is one of the most commonly reported crimes in South Africa. The COVID-19 pandemic related lockdowns saw over 72 762 cases of common assault and assault grievous bodily harm reported within a space of three months.

  • Mugging

Our cellphones are always in our hands and visible to criminals. A quick jog around the neighbourhood could end terribly. You could find yourself a victim to a trigger incident like being mugged. You could lose your bag/wallet with all your personal belongings.

  • Sexual assualt

One of South Africa’s biggest tragedies is its terrifying rape statistics. The South African Police Service crime statistics for the period 1 July to 30 September 2021 showed that almost 10 000 sexual assualt and rape cases where reported.

What is Panic Alert?

Bidvest Insurance has one main objective: to make sure that you are insured and covered for what may come. For this reason, we have a wide range of policies. These policies are filled with benefits that will cater to your individual needs.

Panic Alert is one of these great policies. Panic Alert is designed to keep you covered should you find yourself in a high panic situation.

24-Hour Armed Response Protection

Unlike many hard working South Africans, criminals do not work from 9 to 5. Their working hours are set by whatever time their victims are most vulnerable. The same with workspace, they don’t work at the office or from home. They work wherever their victims are most vulnerable.

You need to have protection that is available to you at all times, especially when you are feeling most vulnerable.

No matter where you are in South Africa, or what time of day or night, Panic Alert protects you with 24-hour armed response. We work with over 2000 service providers nationwide to make sure that you are always protected.

How does the Panic Alert 24-Hour Armed Response Protection work?

For South Africans, the threat of crime is never too far away. This is why the Panic Alert mobile application was created. It’s a simple mobile solution to protect you against any losses you might experience if you fall victim to crime.

The Panic Alert mobile app is how you can get help, fast. The mobile app acts as a panic button that will contact a 24-hour armed response team for your protection.

Panic Alert’s 24-hour armed response means your family will always be safe and guarded when things get out of hand. Using their unique mobile app, they can send an alarm to the Panic Alert 24-Hour Armed Response team if they find themselves in a dangerous situation.

Unlike other mobile panic buttons, Panic Alert does not route to a call centre first and only then assistance is dispatched. Your panic alert is received on the app by the closest available responder and you can track their progress as they make their way to you.

Where is the 24-hour armed response available?

The 24-hour armed response is available nationwide. In the event that you find yourself in a dangerous situation, you can press the panic button on your Panic Alert Mobile App. There are over 2000 responders across South Africa who will attend to you quickly and effectively.

What else does the Panic Alert Policy cover?

Our efforts are always aimed at giving you the best cover you can find. Panic Alert covers you from losses that might result from a trigger incident. Panic Alert cover also includes:

  • Emergency medical assistance

If you are lucky, you might escape a trigger incident unharmed. This is not always the case. The chances of someone needing medical assistance after an assault or armed robbery are very high. When you are a victim of such circumstances, you’ll need medical assistance and you’ll need it fast. Panic Alert works with emergency medical service providers across the country. You get the medical help you need, when you need it.

  • Mobile phone cover

Cellphones are most vulnerable to theft because they are easy to resell. Your cellphone could be snatched out of your hand while you wait for your uber. Worse case scenario is you being held at gunpoint for your cellphone and other belongings. Living without your mobile phone is unbearable. Panic Alert covers you should you lose your phone as a result of a trigger incident.

  • Portable electronics cover

Your cellphone is not the only thing with a high resale value. Other portable electronic devices are also very vulnerable to theft. This could include your smart watches, tablets, earphones, or even your ear pods. That is why these portable electronics are also covered by your Panic Alert policy.

  • Portable electronics excess cover

You’ve been wise enough to insure valuables such as your portable electronic devices. If they get stolen, Panic Alert covers you should there be any excess payable on your underlying insurance claim/s.

  • Bag cover

Handbag, laptop bag, tog bag, or even gym bag. You carry what seems like your life belongings in them. It’s not just the belongings that are valuable. The bags themselves cost you a lot of money. Panic Alert helps you secure your bag with our bags cover benefit.

  • Home key and remote cover

The worst thing that can happen after coming home from a traumatic experience is being locked out of your home. The discovery that you have lost or damaged your keys or remotes is a daunting one. Panic alert assists you in such events by giving you cover. We help you replace your home keys and remote.

  • Personal documents cover

When you lose your bag to a robbery or a mugging it’s not only the money and valuables that are lost. Your identity document, drivers licence or passport are usually stolen too. Replacing them is not only time consuming. The cost of replacing these other personal documents can be costly. We cannot give you the time back, but Panic Alert will help you with the cost of replacing personal documents.

  • Emergency courtesy transport

Do you dread finding yourself stranded after a trigger incident? You are not alone. When you need to go home after a traumatic experience covered by your Panic Alert policy. We will get you emergency courtesy transport. This is so we can make sure that you get home safe and sound.

  • Trauma Counselling

Everyone has a different way of processing traumatic events and experiences. When it comes to trauma, it’s best to speak to a professional. Panic Alert provides cover for costs that might be incurred from trauma counselling.

How do I claim from Panic Alert?

You can contact us on 0861 66 88 88 or email to notify us of the incident. The claims assessor will then guide you through the claims process.

We live in a beautiful country. It’s unfortunate that we have some of the worst crime statistics in the world. It is unfortunate that at any time, you could be the victim of a mugging, robbery or even assault. Fortunately, Bidvest Insurance gives you the cover you need. We make sure that you are protected, anywhere and at any time.



Chabalala,J. Crime Stats: ‘Deeply disturbing’ that almost 10 000 people were raped in SA in just three months – Bheki Cele. Available at: [Accessed 04 January 2022]., 2021.

Minister Bheki Cele: Quarter two Crime Statistics 2021/2022. Available at: [Accessed 04 January 2022].

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