7 Anti-Hijacking Tips as Crime Stats Show Rise in Cases

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Recent crime stats show that hijackings are on the rise, increasing by almost 5% between January and March 2021. It’s a trend that is expected to continue and should serve as a call for increased awareness and extra vigilance when out on our roads. Here are a few tips and reminders for how to avoid falling victim to a hijacking.


Be hyper-aware of your surroundings at all times and avoid distractions such as checking your cellphone. Keep an eye out for any strange behaviour or anything that might seem out of the ordinary.


Hijackers target residential driveways for carjacking opportunities. They do so by boxing in the victim while they wait for the gate to open. In fact, around 80% of hijackings happen in driveways! So always be extra conscious when pulling into a driveway and if there is an electric gate, rather wait for the gate to open before pulling into the driveway.

Footage recently shared by Blue Security shows hijackers using the ‘driveway block’ technique.


A clever tip to keep in mind in shopping centre parking lots is to reverse park against the wall. This way would-be criminals are not able to sneak up and approach you from behind.


Approach intersections slowly so you avoid coming to a complete stop. This will make it harder for any hijackers to target you.


In cases where you do have to come to a complete stop, always leave enough space between you and the vehicle in front of you so that you have space to make an emergency exit maneuver.


A scary thought is that some hijackers target and study their victims so they can figure out the most opportune time for them to strike. To avoid falling victim to this type of hijacking, try changing up your routine and remain unpredictable.


If you feel you’re being followed, adjust your route and start making your way to the nearest police station. It’s always best to practice safety first!


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