How to avoid falling victim to online fraud this Black Friday?

Black Friday Cyber Crime

The internet is-a-buzz for the annual shopping frenzy that is BLACK FRIDAY! Consumers can look forward to amazing specials at a scale that only happens once a year. But this year is a little different. With 2020 being a year that has mostly been in some level of lockdown, society has had to adjust accordingly, so much so that over 50% of South Africans indicate they will not be visiting stores to do their usual Black Friday shopping – pointing to a massive potential increase in online shopping. And while it is amazing that we live in a time where we can still take part in Black Friday from the comfort of our own home, the flip side is that digital criminals will be ready and waiting to take advantage of the increase in online shopping.

So, like many others, you might be wondering how you can protect yourself from these lurking online criminals? Here are some safety tips to help ensure that you don’t fall victim to cybercrime this black Friday:

Strong Passwords

The easiest way to protect yourself from hackers is to have strong passwords. Hackers only need to gain access to one of your accounts to potentially be able to access them all. It’s best to create a password that is between 15-20 characters long, contains a mix of upper and lowercase letters, and include numbers or symbols.

Check URL’S

Digital scammers often make use of fake sites that look legitimate in order to trick online shoppers. Check for spelling mistakes in the URL or anything that might seem out of the ordinary such as non-functioning or odd looking sites.

Never use free Wi-Fi for online banking and shopping

Public wi-fi networks are unsecured which means that cyber criminals can use the network to access any unsecured devices on the network, allowing hackers to steal log-in passwords, credit card details and personal info. Furthermore, these networks can also be used to spread malware.

Beware of phishing emails

Be extra cautious of emails offering cash prizes or last-minute deals. The technique of Phishing is the most popular method used by cyber criminals to trick their victims. Make sure to check the sender’s details and never click on any link coming from unknown senders.

Avoid deals too good to be true

As the saying goes, ‘if it’s too good to be true, it probably is’ and this is often a big warning sign when it comes to cyber crime. If in doubt, rather contact the retailer directly to confirm the special.

Monitor your bank account

An unfortunate reality is if you are online, you are at risk. So even if you are not taking part in any Black Friday Shopping, be sure to monitor your banking transactions throughout the day for any possible fraudulent or unusual activity.

In the modern digital world it is important that we remain vigilant and in many ways, follow the same precautions we would take in the real world such as locking valuables away and being aware of your surroundings. And just like there’s insurance to protect from real world dangers, we have insurance to protect you from the online dangers through our innovative personal insurance cover, Cyber Rescue. New insurance for the new normal.

We don’t think anyone has woken up and thought “I feel like losing some money today” – do you?

When you think of a cyber-attack, you’ll most likely imagine masked criminals hacking into a big company right? But have you ever considered that you could be a victim of a cyber-attack?

From a surprise virus email containing malware to hurtful cyber bullying on social media. The threats you and your loved ones face in today’s digital world are real and Cyber Rescue is here to make sure you’re covered.

To find out more about how Cyber Rescue has you covered, complete the form below and one of our cyber insurance experts will be in touch.

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