Bidvest Insurance Cyber Rescue includes device restoration

If you use your personal electronic devices to shop or bank online, you’re naturally at risk of cyber attacks. Bidvest Insurance Cyber Rescue includes device restoration as a benefit for successful claims which result from cyber attacks. This article explains more about device restoration and how it works, as a part of our cyber insurance product.

What is device restoration?

When you restore something, you return it to its former condition, or as close as possible to that state. Restoring a device is similar, and it might include rolling back to a previous setting or system, or restoring original factory settings. When you restore a device, data is vulnerable and can be erased, which is why it’s important to always back up your files, like your photographs and documents.

What gets restored on your device?

The aim of restoring a device is to reset it to the condition that it was in prior to a crash or a cyber attack. Some of the elements of device restoration include:

  1. Your operating system: your version of Windows or iOS, for example.
  2. Software applications, like your Internet browser.
  3. Hard disk drives, although not all your data can be recovered when reinstalling disk space for your device.

Will you have to pay for new software licences?

This depends on a few factors. If you have purchased software, like a subscription for Microsoft Office, you can usually log in to your Microsoft account to reset the licence for your device. This is something we can support you with when we restore your device, if you are a Bidvest Insurance Cyber Rescue client, but we discuss those details later on in this article.

Most software providers can be contacted and will support you with restoring your software applications in this situation. Support teams can be very helpful. If you want better or different software, though, this isn’t part of device restoration and you’ll need to apply those changes once restoration is complete.

(HINT: If you want to upgrade or change software but you’re not sure how to do it, Bidvest Insurance Cyber Rescue offers a complimentary IT Helpline to assist you with this and guide you through the process.)

When would you need to restore your device?

The most common situation in which you would need to restore your device is if a software or driver component fails, and it causes your machine to crash, so you need to repair or replace that component. Another increasingly common situation is when a cyber attack happens and you become a victim. Restoring your device is important so that you know for sure all traces of the cyber attack can be removed, so you’re no longer at risk.

How long does it take to restore a device?

This will depend on what kind of device is being restored, and the complexity of all the elements involved in the process. The more software applications, the more time it will take. On average, a single restoration can take anything from 15minutes to a few hours, or maybe even a full day in complex cases.

Tips for managing data on your device

Because it’s possible, and quite likely, to lose your data during a device restoration, we recommend the following actions:

  1. Back up your data daily, weekly or monthly at least.
  2. Use cloud services where you can, so that data is not confined to a single device or location.
  3. Keep track of external hard disk drives, so you know what you’ve stored where.
  4. Don’t download data from flash drives or external hard disk drives unless you can scan these first, for viruses.
  5. Sign up for our Cyber Rescue product, so you can call our IT Helpline whenever you need to learn about safely storing, backing up, copying and/or transferring data.

Does Bidvest Insurance Cyber Rescue cover restoration?

Yes. If you are a Cyber Rescue client and you fall victim to a cyber attack, we at Bidvest Insurance will cover a complimentary device restoration as part of your claim benefits. Your affected device will be digitally cleaned and restored, as closely as possible, to the condition that it was in before the cyber attack happened.

What won’t be covered for device restoration?

Bidvest Insurance Cyber Rescue is a personal cyber insurance product. This means that it protects you by covering your personal devices. Cover by this product does not include your employer’s devices, even if you use them while working from home.

Claims are also repudiated if you are not updating your antivirus software subscription (you get an antivirus subscription when you get Cyber Rescue) and your operating system within 60 days of the latest version’s release. Cryptocurrency-related losses and device data, like photographs and documents, are also not covered.


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