Does Key Insurance include car locksmith services?

Key Insurance keeps you covered for locksmith services when you lose your car keys.

Key Insurance from Bidvest Insurance

Losing your car, home, and office keys could cost thousands of Rands. Key Insurance ensures your keys are always safe. For those instances when your keys disappear, we’ve got you covered.

Key Insurance provides essential key cover in the event of lost or stolen car keys. Key Insurance also covers home and office keys. This includes key, lock and remote replacement cover.

Have you locked your keys in the car?

When there’s too much going on, it’s easy to make a silly mistake. You’re trying to carry all the groceries and check your mail, but you lock your keys in the boot by mistake . Even though it’s not the best way to multi-task, we still do it. Now that your keys are stuck in your car, how are you going to get them out? This is where Key Insurance has you covered.

You need the help of a locksmith, and you need it fast. Key Insurance from Bidvest Insurance provides locksmith services for your vehicle.

Does Key Insurance cover car locksmith services?

Yes, Key Insurance has you covered whenever you lock your keys in the car. 

How much cover do I get for car locksmith services?

You locked your keys in your car, but thank goodness you’ve got Key Insurance. Key Insurance from Bidvest Insurance gives you up to R1,500 cover for a locksmith of your choice. 

How to find your lost car keys

Car, home and office keys often go missing. After all, they are small and easy to lose. We carry our keys everywhere we go, it’s only natural for them to sometimes go missing.

How many times have you arrived at your door, only to find your keys are missing? For most people this happens often. If this has never happened to you, here’s a few tips on what you should do if you’ve lost keys:

1. Don’t panic, it happens

When you first discover our keys are gone, the first instinct is to panic. Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us. The best thing to do is to stay calm. Panicking won’t help you with your search. 

2. Check the roof of your car

It’s only natural to want to try and carry all the groceries at once from your car into your home. This is how your keys could end up on the roof of your car. You put them there for only a second and forget about them while trying to show off your strength.

3. Check your pet’s favourite spot

Your pet loves to play fetch. It’s not unusual for pets to grab something of yours. If you have a pet, you may have noticed your socks or shoes sometimes go missing. The same thing can happen with your keys. That new key chain may seem like an attractive new pet toy. Check your pet’s favourite spot, they may be the culprit. 

4. Check your home door

If you came home in a rush, you may have left your keys in the door lock. It’s easy to get distracted and forget to take the key out the door after unlocking it.

5. Check the kitchen

This is an obvious one, but one you could sometimes forget. You often come home from the grocery store with what seems like hundreds of bags. The first thing you do is drop everything off in the kitchen. Between putting all the food away, it’s easy to put your keys in a place where your food belongs. 

6. Check the bathroom

You’ve been stuck in traffic for the past hour and you need the toilet. Where’s the first place you’re going when you get home? It’s easy to forget your keys in the bathroom when you’re washing your hands.

7. Check the couch

If you’re like most people, you may enjoy lounging on the couch after a long day. You know those little creases in your couch? They may have sucked up your keys. Move all the pillows and check all the creases in case your keys fell out of your pocket.

8. Call the locksmith

You can’t find your keys anywhere, but at least you tried. They may be stuck in your car somewhere out of sight, like the boot. Worry not, Key Insurance from Bidvest Insurance has you covered. Key Insurance gives you up to R1,500 cover for a locksmith of your choice. If your key’s don’t turn up, Key Insurance will cover the replacement cost too.

How much does Key Insurance cost?

Key Insurance from Bidvest Insurance is affordable. To sign up for Key Angel with Bidvest Insurance, you’ll pay a once-off fee of R195. Thereafter, your monthly premium for Key Insurance is only R95.

Does Key Insurance provide locksmith services for my office and home?

The average person has their home or office keys attached to their car key. It makes our lives easier when we keep all our keys in the same place. The only problem is that if we lose one key, we lose them all! 

With Key Insurance from Bidvest Insurance, you don’t need to panic. Key Insurance also covers locksmith services for your home and office too. 

Did you lock your house keys inside your home? Did someone steal your whole set of keys? Worry not, we’ll get you back inside your home or office with our locksmith services.

What other benefits does Key Insurance have?

With Key Insurance, you’re covered for:

Vehicle Lock Set Replacement: We cover your lock set replacement. Get up to R10,000 cover for fixing and replacing your car lock set.

Vehicle Key Replacement: Get up to R10,000 cover, to replace your car keys. This helps with covering the high costs that might come with losing your car keys.

Courtesy Transport: Don’t be left stranded. Key Angel offers you R800 courtesy transport cover to get you home as soon as possible.

Car hire: To make sure you are not inconvenienced by lost or stolen keys, we provide cover of up to R1,000 for car hire.

​​Key, Lock and Remote Replacement: Key Insurance has you covered. Key Insurance will cover the cost of replacing your home and office keys. This includes locks, and remotes, up to the value of R1,000.

Flatbed towing services: If replacing your car key can take some time. We provide a flatbed towing service to make sure your car is parked in the safest place possible. You get up to R3,000 cover for this benefit.

No excess payment: Key Insurance helps you save money. With Key Insurance you won’t need to claim from your Comprehensive Car Insurance policy. 

Key Insurance is there to help you whenever you need emergency locksmith help for your car. Car keys are expensive. Don’t let the cost of a lost key damage your budget.

Keys disappear all the time, even in situations that they shouldn’t. The cost of replacing key and lock sets is more expensive than you think. Don’t take the risk, protect your budget with Key Insurance from Bidvest Insurance. Get Key Insurance now.

Bidvest Key Angel Locksmith Services For Your Car

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