Easing Back into Everyday Life: The New Normal

on June 18, 2020

After nearly 3 months in lock down, most people are starting to return to work and day-to-day life. However, while lockdown restrictions are easing, things are far from normal. Here are some tips for easing yourself back into routine while staying safe and healthy.

mother putting sanitizer on childs hands

Navigating Covid-19 and lockdown has been a new experience for all. You might be surprised to discover that returning to work and routine feels just as strange and uncertain. While lockdown levels are gradually allowing for more freedom of movement, the virus itself still poses a threat. This means that certain restrictions and requirements will be present in our daily lives for some time to come. How can you best get back into the swing of things while still maintaining proper protocol?

  1. Keep up health and hygiene habits. Handwashing, hand sanitiser and face masks should continue to be a part of your day-to-day. Even more so now that you’re spending time in the office or shared spaces. Don’t let these habits fall by the wayside. Most places also require you to wear a mask before entering. Purchase a couple extra to keep in your bag, the office and in the car. Don’t forget that they should be washed after every use.
  2. It’s normal to feel exhausted. While quarantine might have been anything but relaxing, most people will experience extreme fatigue during the first few weeks of work. It’s normal to feel drained at the end of a work day. It will take some time to adjust back into the workspace and you might struggle to stay mentally engaged for even half your regular work hours. See what options are available to you in terms of hours and days. Many workplaces may accommodate a phasing-in approach.
  3. Prioritise rest. We’ve all had to make huge adjustments in our daily lives as a result of lockdown. Returning back to work, school and routine will require even more change. Make sure to use after-hours and weekends to slow things down and rest. Indulge in some TV time or luxuriate in reading your favourite book in bed. Your immune system will thank you.
  4. Focus on nutrition. Your body needs extra support during this time. Winter months coupled with back-to-work fatigue and stress can compromise your immune system. Focus on eating nutritious meals to help with energy levels and your overall health. Taking your own packed lunches also removes the need to get takeaways or spend unnecessary time in shops and public areas.
  5. Check in with your loved ones. Children will find this period especially difficult. If they are returning back to school, remember to chat through the changes. The school environment will look totally different and younger children may be confused by the separation. Your partner might also be experiencing some frustrations or struggles with the workplace. Keep open communication in your family so that you can support one another through this period.

Remember that we’re all in this together. The effects of COVID-19 have been felt around the world. This is a new and challenging time for all. By making a conscious effort to stay healthy, we’re able to ensure safety for those around us and ultimately, have better management of the virus and its implications. 

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