It’s 2021, anything can happen

The importance of mechanical warranty insurance.

You’ll certainly agree: since March 2020, real life has started to feel like a low budget sci-fi film. We’ve seen things that “only happen in movies” happen right before our eyes, and they’re happening all at once.

Level 4 lockdown, an “attempted coup”, and large-scale looting, are just some of the things that have happened during the past few months in South Africa. These events have affected all of us directly or indirectly. Another thing these events have, hopefully, done is taught us to always be prepared for anything.

They stole what from my engine?

Lockdown led to an increase in our country’s crime rate. The desperation has also led to an increase in WHAT is being stolen. Smaller car parts and engine components are an easy sell, so stealing them seems to have become more profitable. Making sure that every part of your vehicle is covered has become essential.

Stranded after curfew?

The list of “worst times to have a car breakdown” is probably an arm’s length long. The current lockdown restrictions have introduced a sure taker for the number one spot: the curfew. You could have been working late or visiting family and lost track of time. As you rush home, your car breaks down. Who do you call?

Things don’t last as long as they used to.

This can be said for a great deal of things. It seems as though cars don’t last as long as they used to. Bidvest Insurance mechanical warranty stretches the lifespan of your vehicle by making sure it is well taken care of. Our policies are available for vehicles still under original warranty, and vehicles out of warranty too.

Don’t worry, get a warranty.

A mechanical warranty policy from Bidvest Insurance doesn’t just offer 24 hour medical and roadside assistance. We provide cover for a wide range of engine, steering, and braking components. This ensures the longevity of your vehicle parts and systems.

A mechanical or electrical breakdown can be devastating for your lifestyle and your budget. With Bidvest Insurance on your side, you can set worry aside, and enjoy the drive.

Cover for you and for your car.

Bidvest Insurance offers a wide range of insurance products to meet both your personal and vehicular needs.

Insurance options for you:

  • Cyber Rescue
  • Panic Alert
  • Legal Angel
  • Personal Accident Insurance

Insurance options for your car:

  • Scratch and Dent
  • Tyre Angel
  • Theftbuster Plus
  • Warranty
  • Driver Assist
  • Key Angel

Simply complete your details so a Bidvest Insurance consultant can call you back to assist you.

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