Courtesy transport with Key Insurance

Key Insurance from Bidvest Insurance includes courtesy transport. If you lose your keys, or your keys are stolen, we make sure you can still get home.

The courtesy transport benefit ensures you get home safe

Your safety comes first. We stand by this, with Key Insurance from Bidvest Insurance. No matter where you are in South Africa, Key Insurance will get you home safe with courtesy transport.

Key Insurance from Bidvest Insurance puts your safety first. We provide courtesy transport when you need it the most. When you can’t get into your car because your key is lost or stolen, getting a replacement might take some time. Getting home safe should be the least of your concerns. We take care of this for you.

What is courtesy transport? 

Courtesy transport is a service that is provided by some businesses, including insurance companies, to their customers. This service involves providing transportation to and from a specific location. Courtesy transport makes it easier for customers to get to and from their location. Courtesy transport is an added convenience or perk for you. 

What is key Insurance?

Key Insurance, also known as key protection insurance or key cover insurance, is a type of insurance that covers the costs associated with replacing lost, stolen, or damaged keys. Key Insurance can include cover keys for a car, house, or other important assets. Key insurance covers the cost of replacing the keys, and any associated costs such as lock changes or car hire. Key Insurance provides financial protection when your keys are lost or damaged. Key Insurance helps to prevent the inconvenience and expense of replacing keys. 

Key Insurance saves the day

If you didn’t already know, losing your car keys could set you back a few thousand Rand. These days, who can afford an unexpected expense of thousands of Rands?

Key Insurance is an insurance policy from Bidvest Insurance. Key Insurance provides benefits that cover you in the event of lost or stolen car keys. 

Key Insurance ensures your keys are always safe. Even if they disappear from your pocket.

How does Key Insurance work?

Key Insurance is insurance that covers lost or stolen car keys and other related losses. This includes:

  • Flatbed towing
  • Car hire
  • Key replacement costs

How much cover does Key Insurance give me for my keys?

We know how expensive car keys can be. Key Insurance from Bidvest Insurance protects your keys. You know that feeling in your chest when your keys aren’t where you put them? You don’t have to worry about that with Key Insurance.

We give you up to R10,000 to replace your lost or stolen car keys. This will help you get a replacement car key for your car, without having to dig deep in your pockets. This helps with covering the cost that may come with losing your car keys.

To get you home safe when your key gets lost or stolen, Key Insurance from Bidvest Insurance gives you:

Car hire 

You need a car to get around, even when you don’t have a car key. If you need to hire a car to get around, Bidvest Insurance Key Insurance has you covered. We cover you for car hire, up to R1,000. If you need a car while your car key is being replaced, you can use this car hire cover from Key Insurance while you wait.

Flatbed towing services 

You lose your keys and your car is parked on the other side of town. How will you get your car to a safe location while you wait for a new key? Worry not, Key Insurance will get your car to a safe location.

If your car needs to be towed, we’ll get you and your car home safe. Key Insurance will cover you for flatbed towing services. Our flatbed towing services from Key Insurance has you covered for up to R3,000.

Vehicle Lock Set Replacement

Don’t get locked out of your own car. With Key Insurance, you are covered for up to R10,000 to fix or replace your car lock mechanism.

Locksmith services for your car

There’s nothing worse than being locked out of your car. You can see your keys on the front seat, but can’t get to them. Key Insurance will get you back in your car in no time thanks to our locksmith services.

Locksmith services for your home and office

Not only did you lose your car key, you also lost your home and office keys. How are you going to open your front door without a key? If your keys are lost or stolen, Key Insurance provides locksmith cover for your home and office. With Key Insurance, you’re covered for up to R1,000 for locksmith services for your home and office.

If you’ve locked yourself out of your home or office, we’ve got you covered.

Key, lock and remote replacement for your home and office

The average person keeps their car key with their home or office keys. If you were to lose your car key, then you would also lose your key and remote for your home or office.

With Key Insurance, you don’t have to worry if you lose your home or office keys or remotes too. If your home or office keys and remotes are stolen or lost, you’re covered up to the value of R1,000.

No excess payment

You do not need to pay an excess on your Key Insurance claim with Bidvest Insurance. With some insurers, you will need to pay an excess on Key Insurance claims, Bidvest Insurance does not. With Key Insurance from Bidvest Insurance, you pay zero excess fees.

Key Insurance helps you reduce the financial effects of losing your car keys.

How much does Key Insurance cost?

The key to Bidvest Insurance policies is affordability. Key Insurance is no different with an initial, once-off payment of R195. Key Insurance from Bidvest Insurance keeps you covered from only R95 per month.

Why do you need Key Insurance?

Car keys are expensive. Not to mention all the other expenses that come with losing your car key. Do you have up to R10,000 in your budget each month to spare on a new car key? If you’re like 99% of South Africans, then you don’t and you need Key Insurance. If you own a car, you need Key Insurance. It’s that simple.

Does Key Insurance cover broken or damaged keys?

No. Key Insurance from Bidvest Insurance does not cover broken or damaged keys. Broken or damaged keys fall under the category of general wear and tear. Our insurance policies do not cover wear and tear. Key Insurance will only cover you if your keys are either lost or stolen within South Africa.

Does Key Insurance cover replacement batteries?

No. Key Insurance from Bidvest Insurance does not cover replacement batteries for your remotes. 

What is the waiting period with Key Insurance?

At Bidvest Insurance, there is a waiting period for Key Insurance. Your policy is active from your first successful debit. 

Remember: When you first join there is a 30-day waiting period before you can claim.

What do I need to claim from Key Insurance?

You can email to notify us of the incident. The claims assessor will then guide you through the claims process.

Please remember:

  • You must notify us of the claim within 30 days of the incident.
  • Lost or stolen keys must be reported to the SAPS within 48 hours of the incident.

When should I claim from Key Insurance?

You should claim from Key Insurance as soon as your keys are lost or stolen. We will not process any claim more than 6 months from the incident.

Key Insurance ensures you get home safe, no matter what happens to your keys. With Key Insurance from Bidvest Insurance, you don’t have to worry about losing your keys. Get Key Insurance from Bidvest Insurance today.

Key Angel Courtesy Transport

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