Does Key Insurance replace your car keys?

Key Insurance covers the replacement cost of your lost or stolen keys for up to R10,000.

Don’t get locked out of your own car

When you sneeze, it feels like your heart stops for a split second. That frozen feeling? You feel it too when you reach into your bag or pocket, and find your keys are missing.

Only good things should make your heart skip a beat. That’s why we have introduced Key Insurance from Bidvest Insurance. Key Insurance covers you for those times when you’re stranded, even though your car is right in front of you.

Introducing: Key Insurance

Your keys are important. Without them, you wouldn’t be able to use one of your most valuable assets. How will you fetch the kids from school? Or make it to that meeting on time if you don’t have your car keys?

Car keys are a tiny piece of equipment, yet they cost thousands of Rands to replace. Losing your car keys is not something you budget for. Key Insurance is designed to ensure your keys are always safe. Yes, even when they’re not in your pocket.

Key Insurance provides essential key cover in the event of lost or stolen car keys. Key Insurance also covers home and office keys. This includes key, lock and remote replacement cover for up to R1,000.

Do I need Key Insurance?

Yes, everyone who owns a car needs Key Insurance.

A replacement car key is expensive. When it comes to car insurance, it’s not enough to only have insurance for your car. You also need to ensure you keep your keys safe. Have you ever considered how much a new car key will cost? After finding out, you’ll likely want to buy Key Insurance right away.

How much does it cost to replace your car key?

Losing your car keys can be a real pain. If you don’t have a spare, it can be even more of a hassle. In the past, it was as simple as taking your spare key to a local key cutter and having a copy made for next to nothing. Nowadays, the process is much more complicated and expensive. 

Thanks to transponder technology, our car keys can also unlock the doors with the tap of a button. These modern features are all fantastic. That is, until you lose your keys and then you’re faced with expensive replacement costs.

Most car owners have no idea how much their keys are worth until they lose one. The average price of a single replacement key can start from R2,000. The cost of keys for a luxury car can cost up to R10,000. Exotic car keys usually cost even more.

If you have both the keys to your vehicle, these costs could still skyrocket. This is especially true if the computer system in your vehicle needs to be reset or replaced. In some cases, you may need a new computer to match your new key.

How much will Key Insurance pay to replace my lost keys?

We know that car keys are not cheap. Key Insurance from Bidvest Insurance gets you up to R10,000 cover, to replace your car keys. This helps with covering the high costs that may come with losing your car keys.

Where can I get a replacement key for my car?

The best and most reliable way to get a replacement key for your car is to visit your local dealership. Getting a replacement key from a dealership may be a little more expensive. Your dealership ensures that only original parts will be used. You’ll also be entitled to some form of relief if there are any issues with your new key.

How much is Key Insurance from Bidvest Insurance?

Key Insurance from Bidvest Insurance has an initial once-off initiation fee of R195. Thereafter, your monthly premium is only R95. 

Does Key Insurance have a waiting period?

Yes. Like with most insurance policies, there is a waiting period for Key Insurance. Your policy is active from your first successful debit. Remember that when you first join there is a 30-day waiting period before you can claim.

Does Key Insurance cover house keys?

Like most people, you store your car keys on the same keychain as your house keys. If you lose your car keys, this means you also lose your house keys. This is no problem! With Key Insurance from Bidvest Insurance keeps you covered. You’re covered for your home key, lock and remote replacement up to R1,000.

We also cover locksmith services for your home up to R1,000. If you’re locked out of your house because of a lost or stolen key, we’ll get you back inside.

Does Key Insurance cover office keys?

Your car key is easier to lose when it’s on its own. That’s why you always store your office keys with your car key, because you know you won’t lose them. Unfortunately, you still managed to lose your keys. Worry not! With Key Insurance from Bidvest Insurance keeps you covered. You’re covered for your office key, lock and remote replacement up to R1,000.

We also cover locksmith services for your office up to R1,000. 

What else does Key Insurance keep you covered for?

With Key Insurance from Bidvest Insurance, you’re also covered for:

  • Car Hire: Sometimes key replacements take time. You may be unable to use your car while your new key is made. Key Insurance gives you car hire to the value of R1,000. We make sure you can still get to that important meeting. 
  • Courtesy Transport: You could lose your key far from home. Should you lose your key, we provide you with courtesy transport to make sure that you make it home safe. You get R800 cover for this benefit.
  • Flatbed towing services: You lost your keys and now your car is stuck in a parking lot. Replacing a car key can be a time consuming process. We organise a towing service to make sure your car is parked in the safest place possible. You get up to R3,000 cover for this benefit.
  • Vehicle Lock Set Replacement: We cover your lock set replacement. Get up to R10,000 cover for fixing and replacing your car lock set.
  • No excess payment: With Key Insurance, you pay no excess. We help you save money. Key Angel helps you save money. With Key Insurance, you won’t need to claim from your Comprehensive Car Insurance policy. 

What happens if I lose my keys in another country?

Key Insurance from Bidvest Insurance only covers loss that occurred within South Africa. If you’re travelling outside of South Africa and you lose your keys, you will not be covered. If you are travelling overseas, be sure to leave your keys at home in a safe place.

Key Insurance from Bidvest Insurance is your helping hand when your keys are no longer in your hands. You need cover for the unexpected moments of life. With Key Insurance, you’ll never have to worry about losing your keys again. With our Key Insurance, there’s no need to panic. You’re covered.

Don’t wait for your keys to disappear, get Key Insurance now.

Bidvest Key Angel Key Replacement

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