PANIC ALERT: A Crime Fighting Insurance Solution

It’s no secret that crime is rampant in South Africa. That’s why we’re playing our part in the fight against crime through our new insurance offering, Panic Alert – Insurance with the power of armed response. With Panic Alert, we’re able to deliver an insurance solution that provides cover and support, prior, during, and after a criminal event, proving that innovative insurance products are leading the way in pushing the boundaries in customer care.

Victim of Crime Cover

Panic Alert is designed to protect you in the event of a crime. Should you be a victim of a mugging, assault or armed robbery, it’s very likely that you will have something stolen or your clothes and belongings damaged. That’s where Panic Alert kicks in and provides valuable cover to replace these items. An extensive list of covered items means the benefits pack a real punch, providing the customer with exceptional value and even goes on to offer a trauma counselling benefit, helping to get the victim-of-crime back on their feet.

Security in your pocket

Panic Alert is like having your own armed response unit, available 24HRs a day. The personal panic button, on the Panic Alert App installed on your cellphone, is linked to a control room that despatches an armed rapid response vehicle to your location. And what’s more is that we’ve partnered with security companies all over the country, so, whether you’re out cycling, working late, feel unsafe, or stuck on the side of the road, Panic Alert is there to protect you, wherever you are.

Medical Assistance at the Push of a button

Further to the incredible armed response feature, you can also alert emergency medical assistance if required. Once the personal panic button is pushed our control room will contact you for any further information and check if any emergency medical assistance is required (if you do not answer the call then the emergency armed response is dispatched immediately).

Going Further

Panic Alert really is so much more than just an insurance product and with its added features, it not only provides a preventative measure against crime but also plays an active role in the fight against crime in our country, and at just R99 per month (And R69 per dependant), it’s an affordable and ‘must have’ policy. To find out more about Panic Alert, visit the product page: or complete the form below and one of our professional consultants will call you back.

Panic Alert: security when you need it most.

Should you be a victim of an armed robbery, be mugged or assaulted, the sad reality is that some of your valuables may be taken as well.

That’s where Panic Alert goes one step further to ensure these
valuables are replaced.

Plus, with Panic Alert, you have a panic button in your pocket to avoid the instance taking place in the first place, so whether you out cycling, working late, feel unsafe or stuck on the side of the road, Panic Alert is here for you.

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