Panic Alert covers portable electronics

Our previous article detailed the mobile cover benefit provided by our newest product: Bidvest Insurance Panic Alert. In this article, we discuss portable electronics cover, why it’s listed as a separate benefit and how it can serve you in unforeseen situations.

What is portable electronics cover?

Portable electronics cover is a benefit of our Panic Alert insurance product. It covers your portable electronics against theft and damage during a trigger incident.

What is a trigger incident?

A trigger incident is a kind of event that falls within the scope of your insurance coverage. With regards to Bidvest Insurance Panic Alert, trigger incidents are specifically defined as muggings, assault, sexual assault or armed robbery.

Which devices would be covered by this benefit?

Today, most electronic devices are portable. Panic Alert would provide cover for these devices, if you’re a victim in a trigger incident, but don’t hesitate to speak with one of our consultants if you have questions about classification of other devices:

  • Digital camera
  • Laptop
  • Tablet
  • Handheld GPS
  • PSP, Nintendo and/or other hand-held gaming consoles
  • Digital photoframe
  • Powerbank
  • Chargers and connection cables
  • Batteries
  • Electric shavers and trimmers

Are there any brands or specific electronic devices not covered?

Bidvest Insurance Panic Alert covers all brands of portable personal electronic devices. Because this is a personal policy, it won’t cover your employer’s or your business’ devices, or those belonging to third parties. Additionally, if you wish to claim for portable electronic devices that you cannot prove your legal ownership of, those devices won’t be covered either.

How does portable electronics cover work?

If you get Panic Alert from us at Bidvest Insurance, you can submit a claim to us for portable electronic devices that get stolen or damaged in a trigger incident. We will pay for the repair or replacement of your portable electronics. You will be required to provide proof that you have blacklisted all network enabled devices with your network service provider prior to any claim being paid.

How much cover do you get for your electronics?

Bidvest Insurance pays up to R5 000 per claim, to cover portable electronic devices.

Is your mobile phone also covered?

You may notice that when we listed and defined portable electronic devices earlier in this article, we didn’t include mobile phones. This is because Panic Alert covers mobile phones separately.

Why is mobile phone cover separate?

We have separated mobile phone and portable electronics cover to give you more value. The world, and the way we all live in it, is always changing. As time passes, technology becomes more and more complex and intelligent.

To meet your insurance needs for the modern way of living, our team at Bidvest Insurance is always thinking about how you experience each day. Separating out these two types of cover means that if you fall victim to a trigger incident, you’ll be covered for more, without stressing over your belongings.

Important notes for portable electronics cover claims:

The portable electronic devices for which you submit claims must be owned by you. Bidvest Insurance Panic Alert is an insurance product that focuses on you, your safety, your belongings and on helping you recover from trigger incidents quickly and with as little stress as possible. You may be asked for your incident number when you submit a claim, so be sure that all trigger incidents are reported to the South African Police Service before you submit an insurance claim.


Reich, JR. 2015. What is portable electronics insurance and who needs it? Lexology. Article online. 16 April. Available at: [Accessed 3 March 2021].

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