Personal Accident Cover: What it is and why you need it

on April 16, 2020

Although we are in lockdown, it is important that as business we keep moving and innovating. Which is why we are launching an exciting new suite of products that enable us to further enhance how we can look after you and your financial well-being by saving you money when you need it most. The first of these exciting products is Personal Accident – providing financial support for you and your loved ones should you be hospitalised, or worse, due to an accident.

What is personal accident insurance?

An insurance policy that provides you with cover and support services should you be hospitalised, permanently disabled or die due to accidental injuries. This pay out can then cover anything from your medical expenses, household bills, or anything else you might need immediate cash for.

How is our product different?

With additional value-added services such as emergency medical assistance, legal assistance (with wills and estates) and repatriation of mortal remains, even going as far to take into account that we live in a country with an unfortunate high public transport mortality rate, and have therefore added in a commuter death benefit, where if you were to die whilst travelling in either a car or public transport such and a taxi or bus, we will pay out an additional lump sum.

Just some of the policy benefits include:

  • Legal Assistance with Wills and Estates.
  • Cash pay-outs if you’re hospitalised. Extended absence from work could affect your income. Personal Accident Cover will pay a cash amount for every day you’re in hospital. This way you’ll be better equipped to handle your family’s financial needs.
  • Emergency medical assistance. Extra call-out services such as an ambulance and medical staff are covered.
  • Repatriation of mortal remains. In the event of your passing, your policy will provide cover for the subsequent transport needs.
  • Commuter Accidental death. Should you die as a result of Accidental Injuries whilst travelling by motor vehicle, taxi, bus or licensed public transport, Personal Accident Cover will pay out an additional lump sum.

Let’s give you and your family peace of mind. Click here and request a quote today.


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