Our Products

With over 21 years in the insurance industry developing products specifically for the motor industry, we know what it takes to make a great product. We have an in house team of product specialists that make sure each and every product we offer serves the customer first and delivers on their insurance needs.

We have a variety of excellent personal insurance products that you may need to ensure you and your family live a happy and stress-free life.

We also have every insurance product that you may need to ensure your vehicle doesn’t cost you any extra money. 

Take a look below and see for yourself, or if you’re unsure about which product is best for you.

Insurance Products

Mechanical Warranty

Car troubles are inconvenient at best and are often accompanied by costs like call-out fees, towing charges, and more.

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Scratch and Dent

Keep your vehicle in showroom condition with cover against those unavoidable scratches, dents, and more.

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Key Angel

Losing your vehicle key could cost thousands of rands. Key Angel takes care of the costs and the impact of lost, or stolen keys.

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Tyre Angel

Even if you’re a careful driver, your vehicle’s tyres and rims are exposed to countless hazards every time you’re on the road.

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Deposit Protector

You’ve worked hard to save up your deposit, so if your car is written off or stolen we will make sure your deposit is safe.

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Theftbuster Plus

Theftbuster Plus takes care of the unexpected expenses you’re faced with following a hijacking, theft, or smash and grab incident.

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Shortfall Protection

Don’t let an accident or theft involving your vehicle result in a financial loss for you. Usually, this is inevitable.

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Legal Angel

Resolving legal matters can often be very expensive if you don’t have easy & affordable access to legal professionals.

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Panic Alert

Panic Alert is here to protect you against the losses experienced should you be a victim of a horrible crime.

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Cyber Rescue

Cyber Rescue comes to your rescue by providing a great set of benefits that protect you against hackers and other cyber criminals.

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Driver Assist

Driver assist makes the responsibilities of owning a car simple so that you get more time to enjoy your car without the hassles.

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