Legal Angel

Resolving legal matters can often be very expensive if you don’t have easy & affordable access to legal professionals.

Now with Legal Angel you have instant access to a team of legal professionals at a very affordable price.

From as little as R109 pm you get access to:

  • Unlimited Legal Advice Line
  • Unlimited Mediation
  • Litigation Cover
  • 24HR Bail Assistance Cover
  • Divorce Cover
  • Legal Document Library
  • Discounts on Property Transfer fees
  • Drafting of wills
  • Tax Advice
  • Ante Nuptial Agreements

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There are four areas of law covered under Legal Angel;

  • Civil
  • Labour
  • Family
  • Criminal

And guaranteed, you’re going to need assistance in at least one of these areas in your life!

Unfair dismissal, being sued, facing legal action, standing up in court – these are the things that can keep most South Africans up at night. Many of us are left clueless and powerless to defend our legal rights in these cases due to the high costs of legal advice and services. Legal Angel gives you that assistance you need when distressing legal issues arise.

This policy provides cover for you, your spouse, and up to 5 children under 21 years old.

This is what some of our clients have said

“My car was parked in a public car park when the cars door next to mine was opened and bumped into my door. Whilst the dent was small, it was in my face every day. I was over the moon knowing that I had the means to get the dents repaired.  If I didn’t have the policy, the chances are that the dents would have remained.  As a home-owner, I pay all my extra cash into the bond in order to minimize the home loan term, so it is extremely unlikely that I would have had the dents repaired. I would absolutely, without a doubt recommend Bidvest’s Scratch and Dent insurance, the best R100 I could spend. I went and picked up my car yesterday and it was looking as good as when I took delivery, and once again, I am so very glad that I took the Bidvest Scratch and Dent policy. “

Underwritten by Bidvest Insurance Limited, a licensed insurer and an authorised Financial Services Provider, FSP 46395. Please refer to the policy wording for full details of product cover.