Extend your car’s life with a Mechanical Warranty.

A warranty is a policy that provides you with cover for your car should you suffer a mechanical or electrical breakdown. Warranties are designed to offset the repair and labour costs when these inevitable breakdowns or failures happen.

Bidvest Insurance offers a wide range of warranty products for vehicles of various ages and kilometres. All the warranty options include 24-hour roadside and medical assistance for the duration of the cover.

Our Mechanical Warranty policy highlights include:


  • Mechanical and electrical breakdown cover
  • Cover for vehicles of various ages and mileages
  • 24 Hour roadside and medical assistance
  • Policies available for vehicles still under original warranty as well as vehicles out of warranty
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What Am I Covered For?

Engine Components

All internal lubricated parts including cylinder head(s), engine mounts, EGR valve, exhaust manifolds, intake manifolds, flex plate, flywheel, ring gear, spigot bush/bearing, seals, pulleys, tensioners, and gaskets.


All internal lubricated parts, gear levers, gear linkage including torque convertor, bushes and internal shift selectors, external shift linkage, transmission mounts, clutch master cylinder, clutch slave cylinder, release bearing, seals and gaskets.

Steering Mechanism

All internal lubricated parts of the steering rack and pinion, or steering box, power steering pump and reservoir, tie rod assemblies, idler arm, relay rod, pitman arm, steering column shaft, steering column coupling, steering damper, seals and gaskets.

Braking System

Master cylinder, wheel cylinders, callipers, servo unit, anti-lock braking system activator, vacuum pump and sensors, parking brake cable, parking brake ratchet mechanism, hydraulic lines.


Upper and lower control arms, control arm shafts, and bushings, torsion/stabilizer bars, radius arms, upper and lower ball joints, springs, electronic modulated suspension actuator/pumps, seals, link rods/arms and gaskets.

Fuel System

Fuel pumps, injection pump, air-flow meter, throttle body, warm up regulator, fuel accumulator, fuel injectors, fuel lines, fuel tank, carburettor, seals, and gaskets.

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Why Do I Need This Cover?

Car troubles are inconvenient at best, and are often accompanied by costs like call-out fees, towing charges and more.

As vehicles get older, and manufacturing warranties fall away, vehicles also become more prone to expensive breakdowns.

Mechanical warranties are designed to offset these repair costs when the inevitable happens and to protect your pocket against any mechanical or electrical breakdown of a host of components in your car.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is having a Mechanical Warranty important?

  • In South Africa, your vehicle is an essential part of everyday life and we cannot afford to be without it for extended periods of time.
  • Keeps one of your most valuable assets moving.
  • Protect yourself against the cost of unexpected failures.
  • Peace of mind.

How much does a Mechanical Warranty cost?

Your premium is based on your specific vehicle model, age, and mileage.

Why do I need a Mechanical Warranty?

To protect yourself against the eye-watering repair and replacement bills associated with mechanical or electrical failure of your car.

How does a Mechanical Warranty work?

A warranty is a policy that provides you with cover for your car should you suffer a mechanical or electrical
breakdown. Warranties are designed to offset the repair and labour costs when these inevitable breakdowns or
failures happen.

Client Testimonials

“Bidvest Insurance really helped me with my motor warranty…My car was overheating and needed a replacement of the thermostat and the water-pump AND the wheel bearings were worn out. All of this was going to cost OVER R34 000! Luckily I had a Warranty with Bidvest Insurance and all those items were covered in full. I would definitely recommend Bidvest Insurance to my friends and family, as I know they are reliable…VIVA BIDVEST VIVA”

Mr Serumula

Underwritten by Bidvest Insurance Limited, a licensed insurer and an authorised Financial Services Provider, FSP 46395. Please refer to the policy wording for full details of product cover.