Panic Alert Keeps You Covered, No Matter Where You Are.

Anyone could be the victim of a violent crime in South Africa.

Panic Alert is here to protect you. With Panic Alert, you have access to an emergency response team with the tap of a button. The Panic Alert App provides emergency response wherever you are in South Africa.

You’re also protected against the loss of your belongings should you be a victim of a horrible crime.

Our Panic Alert Insurance policy highlights include:

  • 24 hour armed response.
  • Portable electronics cover.
  • Bag cover.
  • Clothing cover.
  • Home keys and remote cover.
  • Personal documents cover.
  • Emergency courtesy transport.

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What does Panic Alert cover?

Should you be a victim of an armed robbery, mugging or assault, you’re covered. Panic Alert covers you for the following:

Emergency Courtesy Transport

Panic Alert will never leave you stranded. If you’re involved in a hijacking while driving home from work, Panic Alert will help with emergency courtesy transport to get you safely home.

Home Keys and Remotes

Losing your keys can be a costly mistake. Panic Alert ensures that your home keys and remotes are protected.

24 Hour Armed Response

If you’re ever in a dangerous situation, you can press the panic button on your Panic Alert Mobile App. No matter where you are, or what time of day or night, Panic Alert protects you with 24 hour armed response.

Trauma Counselling

Some incidents can be traumatic. Panic Alert gives you access to professional help through trauma counselling.

Emergency Medical Assistance

If you’re in need of emergency assistance, you shouldn’t need to worry about how much it’s going to cost. Panic Alert has you covered.

Portable Electronics

Portable electronics are expensive to replace. Panic Alert gives you cover for your devices in the event of a triggering incident.

Why do I need Panic Alert?

Panic Alert protects you in emergency situations. The Panic Alert App provides emergency response at the tap of a button. 

Should you be a victim of an armed robbery, mugging, or assault, the sad reality is that some of your valuables may also be taken. 

That’s where Panic Alert goes one step further to ensure these valuables are covered.

Underwritten by Bidvest Insurance Limited, a licensed insurer and an authorised Financial Services Provider, FSP 46395. Please refer to the policy wording for full details of product cover.