Right to Repair Statement

Competition Commission Guidelines for Motor Repairs


Bidvest Insurance takes pride in providing the highest levels of satisfaction to our Policyholders whilst at the same time commits to the Right to Repair Campaign. 

Bidvest Insurance does not operate a set panel of repairers and policyholders are free to use a repairer of their choice, provided the repairer is reputable, competitively priced and guarantees the work undertaken.  

In order to ensure that policyholders receive the quality of workmanship that they deserve, where a repairer is not already approved by us, one of our  requirements is that the repairer belongs to a recognised association which ensures that certain minimum standards, skills, facilities and service levels are maintained and that their members adhere to a code of conduct.  

Bidvest Insurance reserves the right to direct work to repairers who are B-BBEE compliant and to prioritise the support of historically disadvantaged individuals. Bidvest Insurance reserves the right to direct work where the cost of the repair work is more competitive. 

If you are a repairer wanting to be recommended for referral and your business meets the above criteria, please contact procurement@bidvestinsurance.co.za.

The following associations have been identified by Bidvest Insurance as recommended repair associations and these associations can be approached for a list of repairers in your area.

  1. RMI (Retail Motor Industry Organisation) www.rmi.org.za
  2. ARA (Auto Motive Remanufacturer Association) www.arasa.org.za
  3. MIWA (Motor Industry Workshop Association) www.miwa.org.za
  4. NADA (National Automobile Dealers Association) www.nada.co.za
  5. SAMBRA (South African Motor Body Repairers Association) www.sambra.biz
  6. SAVABA (South African Vehicle & Bodybuilder Association)  
  7. TEPA (Tyre, Equipment, Parts Association) www.tepa.org.za
  8. SAARSA (South Africa Auto Repairer and Salvage Association) www.saarsa.co.za
  9. CRASA (Collision Repairer Association of South Africa) www.crasa.org.za
  10. APMMA (African Panel Beaters and Motor Mechanics Association) www.apmma.org.za

Should an association wish to be listed above, please email procurement@bidvestinsurance.co.za.

Please note that this requirement applies to products that have been purchased from Bidvest Insurance Limited and Bidvest Insurance Brokers (Pty) Ltd.