Tips for a cybercrime free holiday season.

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The Festive Season is here and this year, ‘Tis the season to be cyber aware! One just needs to review the headlines over the last year to get a sense of the dramatic increase that was seen in cyber crimes and online fraud. Cyber criminals continue to evolve their tricks and techniques and with an increase in online activity, from social media to online shopping, you can be sure that they will be spinning their digital web to catch their unsuspecting victims. Here are some important tips you can follow to ensure you have a cybercrime free holiday:

Strong passwords:

Often your first line of defense, make sure your accounts and devices all are protected by strong passwords. Experts recommend using phrases that are unique to you, rather than the traditional one word and numbers passwords.

Keep APP’s up to date:

App updates usually have improved security functions. So, make sure your apps are all up to date to maximise your device security.

Don’t use public wi-fi:

When it comes to online payments or shopping, doing so while using free public wi-fi is a BIG NO-NO. This is because the network on public wi-fi’s is not secure, allowing cyber criminals an opportunity to gain access to sensitive information such as your banking details.

Check the charity:

This is the season when many people give back to their community by making donations to charities. An unfortunate reality is that cyber criminals prey on this kind behaviour by setting up scam charities. Make sure to do your research on the charity and even phone the charity to confirm it is legitimate before making your donation.

Be aware of an increase in scams:

Email, SMS, and phone call scams are all expected to increase during the festive season. Keep an eye out for anything that looks fishy or too good to be true. And never click on any links coming from unsolicited senders.

Cyber Insurance to the rescue:

Cyber crime is an unfortunate reality of our new normal and it will continue to rise long after the festive season ends. Our Cyber Rescue Insurance policy is built to protect the individuals of South Africa from the financial impact of cyber crime. Further to the financial aspect, Cyber Rescue also provides Cyber Bullying cover. In today’s digital world, Cyber Rescue is a ‘must-have’ insurance product.

We don’t think anyone has woken up and thought “I feel like losing some money today” – do you?

When you think of a cyber-attack, you’ll most likely imagine masked criminals hacking into a big company right? But have you ever considered that you could be a victim of a cyber-attack?

From a surprise virus email containing malware to hurtful cyber bullying on social media. The threats you and your loved ones face in today’s digital world are real and Cyber Rescue is here to make sure you’re covered.

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