What is a Mechanical Warranty and why do you need one?

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Did you know the average car is made up of over 30 000 parts? With over 10 000 electrical components, connected by over 4km of electrical wiring! It’s enough to make your head spin! But what would happen if one of these parts were to fail? That’s where our Mechanical Warranty steps in! Watch the below video where we explain exactly what a mechanical warranty is and why you need one:

So as you can see, it’s an extremely good idea to have a mechanical warranty on your side for when things go wrong with your car!

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Extend your car’s life with a Mechanical Warranty.

Car troubles are inconvenient at best, and are often accompanied by costs like call-out fees, towing charges and more.

As vehicles get older, and manufacturing warranties fall away, vehicles also become more prone to expensive breakdowns.

Mechanical warranties are designed to offset these repair costs when the inevitable happens and to protect your pocket against any mechanical or electrical breakdown of a host of components in your car.

A warranty is a policy that provides you with cover for your car should you suffer a mechanical or electrical breakdown. Warranties are designed to offset the repair and labour costs when these inevitable breakdowns or failures happen.

Bidvest Insurance offers a wide range of warranty products for vehicles of various ages and kilometres. All the warranty options include 24-hour roadside and medical assistance for the duration of the cover.

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