What is Legal Insurance (And why do you need it)?

Legal matters are not something anyone plans for, and with the emotional and financial strain caused by such matters, it’s easy to understand why. But at the end of the day, they are often simply unavoidable and sometimes a consequence of simple day-to-day life. Take, for example, matters of unpaid debt, unfair dismissal, incomplete or unsatisfactory work done on a property, theft, divorce – these are all daily occurrences in our country and all of which would require the assistance of a legal professional.

This is where our powerful product, Legal Angel, steps in. A legal policy that is built to protect you from the financial and emotional burden of legal issues by providing cover that gives you access to a team of legal professionals, without having to pay excessive bills; making it affordable to protect your legal rights.

What is covered with Legal Angel?

Legal Angel covers four areas of law; Civil (e.g. monetary claims based on contracts), Labour (e.g. Unfair dismissal or salary disputes), Family (e.g. Unopposed and opposed divorce), and Criminal (e.g. Theft, Murder, Rape and Assault). The Benefits under Legal Angel include:

  • Litigation Cover
  • Divorce Cover
  • Unlimited Mediation
  • Bail Cover
  • Access to a Legal Document Library

Legal Angel goes even further to ensure you have the law on your side by providing these powerful value-added benefits:

  • Cover for you, your spouse, and up to 5 children under 21 years old
  • Cover if you are retrenched
  • Discounts on property transfer fees
  • Drafting of wills
  • Tax advice
  • Ante-Nuptial agreements

So, while we can’t always plan when legal issues may happen, we can plan to always be covered. And with different Legal Angel options available to suit your needs, having the legal protection you need has never been easier or more affordable. To find out more, complete the form below and we will have one of our Legal Consultants call you back!

Get a Legal Angel to provide you with legal cover.

Get a lawyer at your fingertips, without having to pay excessive bills.

Resolving legal matters can often be very expensive if you don’t have easy and affordable access to legal professionals.

Now with Legal Angel, you have instant access to a team of legal professionals at a very affordable price.

Our Legal Angel insurance policy highlights include:


  • Unlimited advice, 24 hours a day
  • Unlimited mediation services
  • Unlimited legal matters
  • Bail cover
  • Premiums from only R109pm

We understand how important your privacy is and will protect your personal information. By providing your details above you are agreeing that we may contact you regarding this quote. This is to ensure that you get great service! To find out more please visit our Privacy Policy.

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