What is your Shortfall?

on September 10, 2019

IMAGINE THIS! You’ve just got off the phone with your panel beater… he has informed you that the damages to your car, your pride and joy, are irreparable and it must be written off! Your worst nightmare has come true and you think to yourself ‘At least I’ve got insurance!’. And you are right, insurance is vital and is going to go a long way in helping you here…. but it’s not going to go all the way.

The common misconception among car owners is that your comprehensive insurance policy is going to cover your financed car in full, however, the interest on your car loan as well as any excess and depreciation, are going to cause a shortfall between your insurance payout and what you owe the bank.


Do one or more of the below conditions apply to your finance agreement? If so, then you’re at risk and should take Shortfall protection:

  • You did not put down a deposit on your vehicle
  • Your interest rate is higher than prime +1
  • You have a balloon payment
  • You have a finance period longer than 60 months

Use our Smart Shortfall Calculator to see what YOUR shortfall would be and how much our Shortfall Protection can SAVE you in such an event. With included benefits like excess protection, installment protection and a loyalty bonus, Shortfall cover provides valuable ‘over and above’ protection and makes for affordable peace of mind. Don’t make the mistake of thinking everything is covered.


R10,000 Excess Protection 

R10,000 cover towards additional accessories fitted on the car

R10,000 Loyalty Bonus towards a replacement car

Unintentional Violation Cover 

Instalment Protection up to R5 000 for up to 3 months.

Shortfall Protection Helps to Bridge the Gap

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