5 Reasons Why Scratch and Dent Insurance Makes Sense

Chances are that no matter how cautious you are with your car, it’s going to get a couple of scrapes and dents. Eliminate the hassles, costs and unnecessary admin of repair with Bidvest Insurance Scratch and Dent cover.

When it comes to their vehicle, most people feel a great sense of pride. It’s only natural considering the financial investment or months spent researching their ideal make and model. Unfortunately, it’s only a matter of time before you experience that first gut-wrenching bump or graze. Not only is this an eyesore for the owner, but it also becomes a potential devaluation risk. This is because many scratches or cosmetic damages that are not fixed, rapidly deteriorate into bigger problems.

Here’s why Scratch and Dent Insurance can help ease the pain of one of life’s certainties. 

1. Life happens

There are plenty of steps that you can take to greatly reduce your risk of scratches and dents. The odds are likely that you won’t be able to hide from pillars, poles, or shopping trolleys forever. Sometimes the damage can be caused due to your own error in judgment and other times someone else’s negligence could be at fault. Either way, there are too many unpredictable risks on the roads to avoid the odd bit of cosmetic damage.

If you know it’s going to happen, rather be prepared for it right?

2. You can’t ignore scrapes forever

While a graze might seem easy to overlook or put-off repairing, there could be implications. Neglected scratch and dent repairs could see your little bumper dent turn into a big rusty mess. The longer you leave the damage, the harder it can become to repair. Weather conditions can also cause even further deterioration to the affected area. Ideally, you need to be able to be proactive about repairs without any extra financial stress involved.

3. Scratches reduce your car’s resale value

If you’re going through the efforts of keeping your car serviced and your service book up to date, don’t let scratches become your demise. Cars with visible damage are often sold for a considerably reduced rate next to their top condition counterparts. You bought your car in a showroom state, so try to sell it that way to get the best price possible. Thankfully, it’s much easier to tend to repairs when you’re covered with a scratch and dent insurance policy.

4. Scratch and dent repair is not covered by your standard car insurance policy

Most plans, no matter how comprehensive, won’t cover you for cosmetic repairs. If they do, you’ll be footed with a high excess rate and lose your no-claims status and cashback rewards. An add-on policy such as ours will cover you for this type of damage claim, without any extra consequences.

5. Paying out of pocket could be pricey

If you want to keep your car scratch-free and plan to pay for repairs yourself, you might be alarmed at the accumulated costs. Paying for repairs is always considered to be a grudge purchase, that few very rarely feel they can afford on the spot. With scratch and dent insurance, you can have peace of mind that you’re sorted for all those trolley dents, windscreen chips, wheel rim scratches, tar damage, hailstones, or damage from other vehicles, at any given time.

Scratch and Dent insurance from Bidvest Insurance can offer both new and used vehicle owners a welcome safety net. Chat to us about the full plan benefits today.

Cover for you and for your car.

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