6 Tips to Avoid Costly Scratches and Dents to Your Car

It wasn’t long ago that our cars were all safely tucked away while streets and parking lots remained all but empty. And seeing as we might all be a little out of practice when it comes to navigating congested areas, here are some top tips we can follow to keep our cars safe and save!

❗️ Keep your distance
As is the name of the game these days, keeping your distance is also relevant when looking after the well-being of your car. Avoid packed parking lots, tight spaces, and parking next to cars that have not entered the parking bay space correctly. If this all means parking a bit further away from the entrance, then a few extra steps may be worth the trouble when it comes to dodging these high-risk scratch and dent zones.

⚠️ Practice what you park
As the saying goes, practice makes perfect! Try doing some practice sessions on parking your pride and joy. Especially if it’s in an area where you’ll frequently be parking because the more you become aware of the relationship between space and your car, the less likely you are to pick up those nasty scratches and dents.

💧 Wax on wax off
Frequently washing your car is a great idea! But what’s an even better idea is to make sure you’re using the right equipment. For example, using a sponge to wash your car can leave scratch marks on the paintwork. So, make sure you’ve got the appropriate gear, or alternatively, visit your local car wash professionals.

☁️ Watch the weather
Driving in bad weather conditions can cause damage to your car with flying debris and even hail damage. Keep an eye on weather reports and weather warnings and when possible, avoid driving in these conditions.

🚗 Keep it undercover
Did you know that cars are parked 95% of the time!? So it makes sense that we keep our cars protected in these times. So, when possible, always park undercover and if you don’t have a garage at home, then maybe invest in a car cover to keep your car protected.

✔️ Have the right Insurance
When the average claim excess is R5,000, it often means you will have to dig into your own pocket to repair minor damages. By having the right Scratch and Dent Insurance, you are not only protecting your wallet from the cost of excess, but you are also protecting any no claims bonus or points you might have with your comprehensive insurer. And when considering that 65% of the South African car population is actually un-insured, then Scratch and Dent insurance become even more vital.

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