Bidvest Insurance Helps Build A Better Future

Bidvest Insurance’s legacy of support for Liv Village.

In 2013, Bidvest Insurance initiated a partnership of support with LIV Village. Since then, the partnership has grown far more than their recent building of a bike and nature trail.

Many communities have been heavily affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and associated lockdown restrictions.

LIV Village is no exception. As a renowned long term cluster foster care programme, LIV Village places orphaned and vulnerable children in a family environment where all their needs are met by taking a holistic approach to their physical, emotional, and spiritual development. And, as many essential NGOs in South Africa have experienced, the pandemic was not kind to their budgets and support mechanisms.

To this end, Bidvest Insurance has continued and extended its support for LIV Village. Since the inception of this partnership, Bidvest Insurance has remained committed to the vision of creating a better place for the people living in the Cottonlands community:

“As a company, we want to be fully immersed in this new partnership with LIV Village. Our Bidvest Insurance staff are passionate about these projects and have volunteered their time and energy to assist the community,” stated Lucy Cooke, Marketing Manager at Bidvest Insurance.

Over the years, Bidvest Insurance has been involved in a number of initiatives in the community. This partnership has enabled a wide range of development opportunities, and built a better future for all at LIV Village.

Through their investment and collaboration, Bidvest Insurance has hosted family fun days for the community, sponsored sports uniforms and sports day, painted houses, volunteered to help with settling in new babies, and assisted families settling into their new houses.

One of the latest initiatives, besides the new LIV 2 Ride bike trail, has been ensuring the running of the Owethu Cottonlands Clinic during COVID. This clinic supports and assists the community surrounding LIV Village. Bidvest Insurance donated R575,000 to help with the operational costs, and salaries for the health care workers who are essential to the clinic.

Bringing smiles and hope into these communities is how we start rebuilding South Africa. We hope that the sustainability of this partnership will spill over and more companies will join in assisting communities that are in need.

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