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Shortfall Protection

Shortfall Protection provides valuable cover by paying the difference between your comprehensive insurance pay-out and the amount still owing to your finance company, in the event of your car being written off or stolen.

Policy Highlights
  • Protection against unexpected debts in the event of total loss of your vehicle
  • Up to R10 000 of your comprehensive excess will be covered
  • R10 000 loyalty bonus towards buying a replacement vehicle
  • Up to R10 000 cover for unspecified extras fitted on your vehicle
  • Up to R5 000 car installment protection paid monthly
  • Unintentional violation cover

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Anticipated cover by your Comprehensive Car Insurance
Potential Shortfall Without Shortfall Protection

• Please note the above calculations are based on a 0 deposit, 40% residual, and interest rate of 10.25%. The estimations provided are merely a guide, as each case will differ in circumstances.

With comprehensive vehicle insurance in place, you will be fully covered in the event of your vehicle being written off or stolen, right? Unfortunately, no.

In most cases, should your car be stolen or worse, written off in an accident, your insurance pay-out is not likely to cover what you still owe to the bank that financed your vehicle, leaving you in a worse off position financially and without a vehicle. It’s for this very reason that Shortfall Protection is essential when purchasing a vehicle, to ensure you are never left out of pocket should the unexpected happen.

In the event of a claim, this policy will pay towards your vehicle installment for up to 3 months to a maximum of R5 000 per month, should your comprehensive claim be delayed. In addition, a loyalty bonus of R10 000 will be paid towards a replacement vehicle when purchased from a Bidvest Insurance approved dealership. And lastly, should your insurance company reject a claim due to you unintentionally violating a condition of your comprehensive insurance policy, we will then pay the claim.

This is what some of our clients have said

I was travelling home from my parents house one evening, when a car on the opposite side of the road suddenly swerved into my lane and we had a head on collision! Luckily no one was injured, but my car was a write off, I’d only had it a year! After my insurance payout there was still an outstanding amount of R26,500 that had to be paid, I panicked – I didn’t have that sort of cash old lying around! But after chatting to Bidvest Insurance about my shortfall policy I had luckily taken out, the whole amount was covered so I didn’t have to pay a thing! Thank you Bidvest Insurance, I’m now back on the road.

Underwritten by Bidvest Insurance Limited, a licensed insurer and an authorised Financial Services Provider, FSP 46395. Please refer to the policy wording for full details of product cover.