Shopping Online for Valentine’s Day? Here are 6 online shopping safety tips.

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Whether you’re looking for the perfect gift for your partner, or just ordering in a romantic meal, if you are shopping online this valentine’s day (or any day for that matter), you need to have your wits about you. Here are some quick tips to follow to make sure you don’t fall victim to cyberattack and lose your hard-earned cash!

Shop online from home

The best thing about online shopping is it’s so convenient, you can even do it from the comfort of your couch! And this also happens to be the safest place you can do your online shopping! Never use public wi-fi networks when doing your online shopping. These networks are not secured, making it very easy for cybercriminals to access your username and passwords.

Only use secure sites

You can tell if a site is secure when you see the ‘lock’ icon in the toolbar or an ‘s’ at the end of the https. If it’s not a secure site then you could be vulnerable to a cyberattack.

Watch out for email scams

Valentine’s Day is a special day that sees an increase in online activity and cybercriminals will be looking to take advantage of this! Look out for any strange looking emails. If it’s an offer that seems too good to be true, it probably is. Always check the sender details. If anything seems out of sorts then ignore the email. And only ever click on the link if you are 100% sure you know the email is coming from a trusted source.

Use strong passwords

This is extremely vital in keeping your information and accounts safe online. Birthdays, pet’s names etc should all be avoided. Your password should be made up of 8 characters using lower case and upper case and symbols. Don’t make it easy for hackers to get in.

Don’t give out personal details

Don’t give out personal details like passwords or pins. You should only ever have to use these details when logging into accounts.

Get Personal Cyber Insurance

While the digital age is booming, and we can do almost everything online, the unfortunate flip side of this is cybercriminals are getting better and better at finding new ways to trick you or hack you and steal your hard-earned cash. We have acknowledged the increase in cyber threats we are facing as individuals and built a personal cyber insurance product, designed to protect you from the financial impact of cybercrime. To find out more visit our cybercrime product page (click here) or complete the form below to have a cyber insurance consultant contact you.

We don’t think anyone has woken up and thought “I feel like losing some money today” – do you?

When you think of a cyber-attack, you’ll most likely imagine masked criminals hacking into a big company right? But have you ever considered that you could be a victim of a cyber-attack?

From a surprise virus email containing malware to hurtful cyber bullying on social media. The threats you and your loved ones face in today’s digital world are real and Cyber Rescue is here to make sure you’re covered.

To find out more about how Cyber Rescue has you covered, complete the form below and one of our cyber insurance experts will be in touch.

We understand how important your privacy is and will protect your personal information. By providing your details above you are agreeing that we may contact you regarding this quote. This is to ensure that you get great service! To find out more please visit our Privacy Policy.

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